Inpatient Rehab for Residents of Martin County, FL

Overcoming addiction can seem insurmountable, making even the most determined person fearful of failure. Yet, with the right mental health or addiction treatment approach, it is possible. Outpatient treatment is a commonly used option, but not necessarily the best approach for those in need of lasting results. Inpatient mental health or inpatient rehab for residents in Martin County FL is a more effective option to deal with the rigors of addiction or co-morbid mental health issues.

Behavioral Health Centers is situated in nearby Port St. Lucie and provides a safe and helpful environment for adults to begin the process of recovery.

If you or a loved one need inpatient mental health services or addiction treatment call 772-774-3872 today. We also accept most major insurance policies. Click here to verify if your coverage will pay for your therapy so you can start today.

Service Areas

Behavioral Health Centers offers inpatient mental health and residential drug rehab for residents in and around Martin County, including:

  • Port Salerno
  • Jensen Beach
  • Indiantown
  • Stuart
  • Hutchinson Island
  • Sewall’s Point
  • Hobe Sound
  • Palm City

Many people struggling with addiction find they do better with a change in environment, which is why we frequently receive individuals from as far away as California or New York, as well as from neighboring states like Alabama and Georgia. We welcome people from all over who are invested in overcoming substance abuse and need a path to recovery.

Treatment Types

Behavioral Health Centers has four different substance abuse treatment types: inpatient, drug and alcohol detoxification, dual diagnosis treatment and aftercare. We also offer specialized substance abuse or mental health programs for veterans or first responders that other treatment centers in Martin County may not offer.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab in Martin County, FL

Inpatient substance abuse rehab is the optimal approach for those struggling to control their addictions who don’t have the support they need in their existing environment. A good example of this would be someone struggling with an alcohol addiction who lives with someone uninterested in a sober lifestyle or someone with drug abuse problems and bipolar disorder at the same time. These individuals would best recover at inpatient rehab, away from their current environment.

Inpatient rehab for residents in Martin county is also an effective approach for those with co-occurring conditions, which are characterized by a combination of substance use disorder and mental illness. For those with such disorders, inpatient treatment provides an opportunity to receive a proper diagnosis and embark on a quality treatment plan.

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

For many in Martin County, drug and alcohol detoxification in a treatment center is a necessary step before beginning an inpatient rehab program. Detox is characterized by the elimination of drugs and alcohol from the body, and it can be a stringent process. For those with a drug addiction or alcohol addiction, this is an important first step. Given the toll detox can take on the body, it’s crucial to do it under the watchful eye of professionals with experience in this treatment area.

Our detox program in South Florida implements careful monitoring to gauge the severity of withdrawal symptoms. The goal is to make detox from an alcohol addiction or other substance as comfortable as possible while your body eliminates harmful substances, preparing you to begin the road to recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis is another term used to describe co-occurring disorders. Behavioral Health Centers customizes treatment plans that address each of the diagnoses in a dual diagnosis situation. We create plans based on the specific conditions you’re struggling with, as well as the circumstances that created your addiction.

Our treatment center implements various therapies that allow you to learn coping skills, including holistic options, to ensure those with more than one diagnosis are prepared to deal with the challenges of these disorders. The combination of behavioral therapy, medications and life skills training can help you learn how to better engage in recovery behaviors.

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This is one of the most overlooked aspects of drug rehab centers in Martin County and yet it may be one of the most critical components of recovery. Once you’ve done the work in your program, we provide a comprehensive aftercare program that incorporates intensive outpatient programs, access to support groups, medication management and more to ensure you stay on the path to recovery. Our goal is to provide you with a support system to prevent relapse after the acute phase of addiction recovery. Teaching personal accountability through targeted relapse prevention will help you go the distance on your path to wellness.

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Check Insurance

If you have coverage of any kind from a major insurance provider, your treatment is likely covered. We promise to keep your information confidential.

About Behavioral Health Centers

Behavioral Health Centers promotes a healing environment and offers state-of-the-art treatments. Each individual has a semi-private living space that they maintain during their time here, which means there’s plenty of room for reflection during their recovery at our rehabilitation center near Martin County.

Residents also have access to an on-site chef to promote good nutritional habits. Optimal health is the cornerstone of any solid rehab program. Becoming sound in mind and body requires a symbiotic approach that our team has perfected to great result. We’re here to support you in every way, so we encourage residents to pursue hobbies and interests during their time in recovery here.

We also take our cues from each resident who enters our facility. We learn more about your background and your triggers through behavioral therapy so we can cultivate an environment of success for your recovery. Our priority is to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible while you explore some of the difficult topics associated with addiction recovery.

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Insurance Coverage for Rehab

If you have health insurance, inpatient rehab in a Martin County treatment center may be covered under your plan. If you purchased a plan from the Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace, mental health services must have the same limits and parameters as those for medical and surgical services. The Affordable Care Act also places addiction treatment and other similar mental health services in the essential category.

We accept most major insurance policies. Click here to verify if your coverage will pay for your therapy so you can start today.

Behavioral Health Centers specifically works with several major insurers:

Aetna: Aetna has one of the most extensive networks in the country. Depending on the specifics of your plan, your Aetna policy may cover drug and alcohol detox, aftercare therapy and other addiction treatment programs.

Beacon Health – Beacon Health covers a wide array of mental health treatment services. Because of the extensive nature of this insurer’s plans, you may be eligible for coverage of inpatient treatment programs as well as medical detox.

Blue Cross Blue Shield: Florida residents typically have a Florida Blue Plan, which pays for some elements of rehab treatment, including detox and both inpatient and outpatient rehab.

United Healthcare: UnitedHealthcare plans cover rehab services based on the severity of your addiction, typically skewing towards care that’s “medically necessary.” However, this designation means the plan may cover inpatient services at one of our qualified treatment centers.

Cigna: Cigna is another large insurance company that offers group health plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid options. Inpatient rehab program coverage depends on the plan type and its characteristics.

GEHA: Government Employee Health Association (GEHA) offers plans to federal employees and retired members of the military. These plans sometimes include addiction treatment, depending on the program and plan type..

Before you book a stint at a treatment center in Martin County, take time to find out more information about co-pays and deductibles associated with your specific policy. We can do the research for you to determine how much of your treatment will be covered by your insurance. Your deductible may play a role in the amount of financial responsibility you have for treatment. For instance, if your policy carries a deductible of $500, you may have to pay this amount out-of-pocket for treatment before insurance kicks in for the rest.

A co-pay is a flat fee your insurance dictates as payment for specific services. For example, you may be responsible for a $50 co-pay for outpatient therapy visits during the aftercare portion of your Martin County treatment program.s Here

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Local Resources

If you can’t access inpatient rehab at a Martin County treatment center or have been wait-listed for an inpatient program, you may find support in any number of local resources available to begin the road to recovery. An intensive outpatient program, like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, offers those who feel they’re out of options a way to get help now. These well-attended programs have helped countless people struggling with drug addiction and alcohol addiction. Waiting for treatment centers in Martin County can be grueling for those with substance abuse issues, so these resources can bridge the gap.

Here are some of the options available:

Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Stuart: Flagler Park, 201 Southwest Flagler Avenue
  • Stuart: St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 623 Southeast Ocean Boulevard
  • Port Salerno: St Luke’s Episcopal Church, 5150 Southeast Railway Avenue
  • Hobe Sound: 1st United Methodist Church, 10100 Southeast Federal Highway
  • Hobe Sound: Hobe Sound Community Presbyterian Church, 11933 Southeast Juno Crescent
  • Jensen Beach: Rio Civic Center, 1255 Northeast Dixie Highway
Inpatient Drug Rehab in Martin County FL

Narcotics Anonymous

  • Jensen Beach: Jensen Beach Pavilion, Jensen Beach Causeway Northeast
  • Stuart: First Presbyterian Church of Stuart, 1715 Northwest Pine Lake Drive
  • Stuart: Saint Joseph Catholic Church, 1200 South East 10th Street

Start by Verifying Benefits

The first step to getting into a rehab program for residents in Martin County is benefits verification. The good news is that we can help. We’ll do the research on your behalf and determine how much of your treatment may be covered by insurance. Start by filling out this confidential information form on our website. One of our compassionate staff members will verify your benefits with your insurance company. Then, we’ll contact you to go over your options.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us at 772-774-3872.