An Environment Designed for Healing and Renewal

In Port Saint Lucie, a small seaside community, our facilities offer clients unique amenities, based on their interests and needs. Patients have access to a wide range of activity-based therapies. Patients enjoy a more tranquil setting to help them reflect and find peace of mind amidst natural beauty. While our top priority is always on guiding clients to health and sobriety, our hope is to make this journey comfortable, relaxing and rejuvenating as well.

The private living spaces aid patients in relearning how to keep
their homes clean and on enjoying life without abusing drugs or alcohol.

These amenities are meant to be components of a successful recovery. The private living spaces aid patients in relearning how to keep their lives organized and enjoy their leisure time without abusing drugs or alcohol. Even when we leave the facility for trips throughout the surrounding Palm Beach and Martin County areas, we travel in style, with the newest and most up-to-date transportation for our patients.

Behavioral Health Centers has unique offerings that are designed to minimize the stress of addiction treatment and improve your chances for continued success and sobriety in the years ahead.


Comfortable Recovery in a Tranquil Setting

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