Addiction is a harmful condition that affects all areas of your life. Proper treatment can help you turn things around and make a better future for yourself and your loved ones. Behavioral Health Centers offers a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and detox in Stuart, Florida, as part of the rehab process. Learn why these programs may be the best way to kick-start your recovery journey.

How Our PHP Treatment Program Works

A PHP allows you to participate in addiction treatment programs while maintaining your personal and familial life.

When enrolled in a partial hospitalization program at Behavioral Health Centers, you’ll spend up to 8 hours a day at our facility learning how to change your thoughts and behavior toward alcohol and other drugs.

Receiving partial hospitalization treatment at Behavioral Health Centers in Stuart, Florida, can help you successfully transition from detox and inpatient treatment.

Who Will Benefit From PHP Rehab?

Treatment services in a PHP are ideal for people who:

  • Have completed an inpatient treatment program
  • Need to keep working as they receive comprehensive addiction treatment
  • Need to continue taking care of dependents such as children while receiving treatment
  • Have strong social support and can find housing and encouragement as they undergo treatment

Is Our PHP Program in Stuart Right for You or Your Loved One?

PHP rehab at Behavioral Health Centers in Stuart can help you or your loved one achieve long-term sobriety by enabling you to practice coping techniques learned during therapy in everyday life, reinforcing your resolve to remain sober.

The program also uses family therapy to repair addiction-related relationships so you can have better support during recovery.

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Check Insurance

If you have coverage of any kind from a major insurance provider, your treatment is likely covered. We promise to keep your information confidential.

Addiction Treatment and Rehab in Stuart, FL

Addiction treatment is a systematic approach for reducing and eventually eliminating drug dependency. Addiction treatment can improve your life, allowing you to take better care of yourself and contribute to society.

Behavioral Health Centers’ rehab facility uses medications and psychotherapy to help you achieve and maintain sobriety.

Detox for Drug Addiction

Detox removes all traces of drugs from your system. When undergoing detox at Behavioral Health Centers, our doctors screen you to determine the amount of drugs in your system and their impact on your mental and physical health.

We also monitor your physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, prescribing medications to ease them and increase the chances of a successful detox.

Addiction Treatment and Rehab in Stuart, Florida

Intensive Outpatient Program for Substance Use

You can enroll in an intensive outpatient program (IOP) after undergoing medical detox or inpatient and PHP treatment.

An IOP lets you participate in intensive treatment programs, including therapy and medication-assisted treatment for drug abuse. Unlike PHP rehab, IOP requires you to spend only 3 hours or less a few days weekly at a treatment facility.

Group Therapy as Part of Substance Abuse Treatment

Group therapy sessions are crucial in addiction treatment as they allow you to learn from people undergoing similar struggles. These sessions give you accountability partners who can support you during recovery. Behavioral Health Centers offers group therapies in small, intimate groups where you can freely share your experiences.

Drug and Alcohol Individual Therapy

Individual therapy involves face-to-face sessions with therapists who offer tailored guidance on how to overcome addiction. The therapists at Behavioral Health Centers are compassionate and nonjudgmental, willing to stand beside you through all the ups and downs of recovery.

Relapse Prevention & Aftercare

Finishing inpatient, partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment programs isn’t the end of your recovery journey. Behavioral Health Centers’ aftercare program lets our addiction specialists monitor your progress and give tips on overcoming obstacles that threaten your sobriety. Aftercare reinforces your coping skills and lowers the chances of relapse.

Mental Health & Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Center in Stuart, FL

Substance use disorders are usually caused or intensified by mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. Dual-diagnosis treatment addresses these co-occurring disorders.

We incorporate mental health treatment into our rehab programs to enhance the success of your recovery journey.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Mental Health Conditions & Drug Abuse

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most successful therapies for treating co-occurring disorders. Our therapists use CBT to adjust the thought patterns that lead to your addiction and mental health issues, helping you reframe your beliefs so you don’t fall back into unhealthy behavior patterns.

Mental Health Disorder Treatment Center in Stuart, FL

Getting Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Insurance coverage lets you focus entirely on therapy programs without worrying about the cost.

Behavioral Health Centers is an in-network medical provider for insurance companies such as Beacon Health, Aetna and EmblemHealth. Verify your insurance coverage to see if your plan covers addiction treatment at our facility.

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Start by Verifying Benefits

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