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cigna covers inpatient rehab of this young adult

More About Cigna Health Insurance Provider

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, As of 2020, over 37 million people 12 and older actively used illicit substances. Out of these, more than half cannot afford drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Luckily, addiction insurance coverage plans, like Cigna, are here to help.

Cigna is an international insurance provider offering health, dental and supplemental insurance plans to millions of subscribers. In addition to group health plans, Cigna offers Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid plans in states that have implemented a managed-care model to reduce the cost of providing Medicaid benefits to those who need them, making coverage available to subscribers of all ages and backgrounds.

Cigna is also committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of its members’ health information in compliance with HIPAA and other applicable regulations gaining the HIPAA badge. A HIPAA badge, in the context of healthcare, typically refers to an identification badge worn by healthcare professionals to indicate compliance with HIPAA regulations when handling patients’ sensitive health data. This includes maintaining strict protocols for the handling, storage, and sharing of protected health information (PHI) to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of patient data, underscoring its dedication to maintaining patient privacy and security.

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What is your addiction really costing you? Getting clean is within your reach. Behavioral Health Centers (BHC) is here to help.

Your insurance may cover all or some of your rehab at a BHC facility.

We Accept Most Insurance

Behavioral Health Centers does not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Behavioral Health Services at BHC Florida

Behavioral Health Centers is a Florida-based rehab that accepts Cigna insurance where we offer addiction and mental health treatment programs. If you have alcohol or drug abuse problems, you’ll be happy to know that Cigna rehab coverage also includes addiction treatment delivered through inpatient treatment or outpatient services, making it more affordable to get help. Cigna mental health insurance is also available.

Start Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment With The Help of Cigna

If you have a problem with drug or alcohol abuse, or need co-occurring disorder treatment, help is available. Behavioral Health Centers offers residential treatment in a safe, comfortable setting, giving you access to the support needed to turn your life around. We also accept a wide variety of insurance plans, including Cigna substance abuse treatment coverage, making it easier to get the care you need. Contact Behavioral Health Centers today to learn more about our treatment program and take the first step toward your recovery.

BHC accepts Cigna for addiction and behavioral health