Behavioral Health Centers is a Rehab that Accepts GEHA Insurance for Mental Health or Addiction Treatment

GEHA health insurance occupies a specific niche: This nationwide provider's plans are exclusively focused on and designed for federal employees and retirees, military retirees and their families. Behavioral Health Centers is a Florida rehab that accepts GEHA insurance where we offer treatment for addiction and mental health disorders. If you're a GEHA health plan member, there's a good chance your insurance will cover at least part of the costs of substance abuse treatment as you embark on your recovery journey.

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What is your addiction really costing you? Getting clean is within your reach. Behavioral Health Centers (BHC) is here to help.

Your insurance may cover all or some of your rehab at a BHC facility.

An Overview of GEHA Rehab Coverage

Thanks to the combination of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, substance abuse disorders are considered a category of mental health disorder, and coverage for medically necessary treatment is an essential health benefit. Insurance companies must offer coverage for addiction treatment in some form, and GEHA plans are no exception. The specifics of that coverage, however, can vary from one plan to the next: Some plans cover alcohol detox specifically, while others cover a broad range of addiction treatment and include detox and rehab.


GEHA requires participating facilities to meet specific standards of accreditation. Behavioral Health Centers meets these standards through the Joint Commission of Addiction Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), so you can be sure your care is being carried out by qualified addiction experts.

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GEHA coverage takes the basic form of Standard and High health plan categories, with many different specific plans available under each category. The amount of coverage can also be affected by other factors such as the length of your stay in an addiction treatment facility.


Here, we'll discuss the general kinds of care different GEHA plans can typically be expected to cover. Keep in mind that at Behavioral Health Centers, we're committed to ensuring you can access our addiction treatment services affordably, and a dedicated caseworker can help you navigate the specifics of your GEHA plan and the available alternatives for handling out-of-pocket costs. Our priority is for you to be able to get the help you need and focus on your recovery without being distracted by financial issues.

Understanding Your Insurance Coverage

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Before getting into the details of your GEHA rehab coverage, it's important to understand a few insurance-related terms.


Out-of-pocket costs: Costs of care that a policyholder is required to pay directly.


Out-of-pocket limit: The maximum amount of care costs that a policyholder can be required to cover out-of-pocket before their health insurance covers the full cost of care. Also called an out-of-pocket maximum.


Premium: A regular payment made by a policyholder to maintain their coverage, usually on a monthly basis.


Deductible: A fixed amount that a policyholder pays in out-of-pocket costs before their health insurance kicks in and begins to cover a portion of their care. Deductibles will usually reset on an annual basis.


Coinsurance: The proportion of care costs a policyholder is expected to cover after their deductible has been met. A coinsurance rate of 35%, for example, means the policyholder pays that percentage of the costs of their covered medical bills.

Verify Your Benefits

What is your addiction really costing you? Getting clean is within your reach. Behavioral Health Centers (BHC) is here to help.

Your insurance may cover all or some of your rehab at a BHC facility.

GEHA Rehab Coverage: Standard Plan

GEHA's Standard health plans cover some costs of treatment for outpatient and inpatient services focused on mental and behavioral health and substance abuse issues. They also cover part of the costs for prescription medications and rehab. Coverage for outpatient visits is limited to a maximum of 60 visits annually.

The Standard Option for an individual plan comes with a nominal $350 deductible and an out-of-pocket limit of $8,500. After your deductible is met, you can expect a GEHA Standard plan to cover around 65% of the costs for the above-mentioned kinds of treatment at Behavioral Health Centers. Note that like many federally exclusive medical plans, providers have to acquire authorization before providing these services. Otherwise, your coinsurance percentage could go up or coverage might be denied entirely.


Behavioral Health Centers offers several forms of treatment that would be covered under the parameters of a GEHA Standard plan:


• Drug and alcohol detox

• Inpatient and residential addiction treatment (with average stays of up to 28 days)

• Individual and group therapy for mental health


In the event your Standard coverage doesn't cover enough of your out-of-pocket costs, Behavioral Health Centers also provides third-party financing to help ameliorate those expenses in the short term so you can devote your time and energy to recovery.

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GEHA Health Insurance: High Plan

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GEHA's High Option plans have the same deductible as a Standard Option plan, but — in exchange for higher monthly premiums — offer a more favorable out-of-pocket limit of $7,000 for an individual plan and a coinsurance rate of 25% for the services of a facility like Behavioral Health Centers. That means that after your deductible is met, you can expect a High Option plan to cover around 75% of the costs of addiction and mental health treatment.


As with a Standard Option plan, treatment under a High Option plan must be pre-certified to avoid an increase in your coinsurance rate or the denial of coverage. Your dedicated caseworker at Behavioral Health Centers can be relied upon to ensure preauthorization is properly arranged for your treatment under either of GEHA's general plan categories.


The specifics of your GEHA plan can still vary within these two general care categories, and we'll be happy to consult with you to make sure you're getting the benefits and the affordable addiction care you deserve.

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The costs of addiction are always higher in the long run than the costs of insurance, so don't let worries about expenses stop you from seeking help. There's a treatment program at Behavioral Health Centers that's right for you, and our team of addiction experts is focused on seeing you get the substance abuse and mental health treatment you need at a price you can manage. Contact us today and start your journey toward recovery.