Behavioral Health Centers is a Rehab that Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance for Mental Health or Addiction Treatment

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a nationwide network of insurance providers accepted at many addiction treatment facilities. Florida-based Behavioral Health Centers is a rehab that accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance where we offer addiction and mental health treatment programs. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association owns a system of 36 independent and locally operated insurance providers across America.

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What is your addiction really costing you? Getting clean is within your reach. Behavioral Health Centers (BHC) is here to help.

Your insurance may cover all or some of your rehab at a BHC facility.

The Blue System covers over half of all federal employees under the Federal Employee Program (FEP) and offers individual and family plans as well. Here, we'll look at Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage — referred to in the remainder of this page as BCBS coverage for brevity — for drug rehab and addiction treatment services in the state of Florida and get a clear picture of what coverage is available for policyholders beginning the journey toward recovery from addiction.

BCBS Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Florida

In the state of Florida, BCBS insurance operates under the brand Florida Blue. BCBS covers at least part of the costs for drug and alcohol rehab, including detox, outpatient and inpatient treatment. It also provides at least partial coverage for longer-term residential treatment programs of the type offered by Behavioral Health Centers, which typically involve an average stay of around 28 days under the compassionate care and supervision of our addiction treatment experts.


The portion of the costs covered will vary depending on the specifics of your plan. When you enroll with Behavioral Health Centers, a dedicated caseworker will help you to determine your level of coverage and explore alternatives to keep the costs of your treatment as low as possible. Our priority is to alleviate concerns about expenses and let you focus fully on your recovery journey.

BCBS - Blue Cross Blue Shield

Understanding Your BCBS Health Insurance

Health insurance comes with its own specific terms that are important to know when trying to understand the benefits of specific plans.


• Premium: A regular payment by the policyholder to maintain coverage. Generally, it's a monthly payment.

• Deductible: The amount the policyholder is required to pay for care services before the insurance provider pays. Deductibles typically reset on an annual basis.

• HMO (Health Maintenance Organization): An HMO plan's coverage is tied to specific HMO providers. Often, policyholders are required to choose a primary care doctor as their main health care provider who refers them as needed to further HMO specialists. Services outside the plan are generally not covered, save for emergencies.

• Out-of-pocket cost: When the policyholder is responsible for a portion of health care costs, the amount they pay is called the out-of-pocket cost.

• Out-of-pocket maximum: The maximum amount of out-of-pocket costs a policyholder can be required to pay in any given year before the insurance provider must cover the full costs.


• PPO (Preferred Provider Organization): This type of insurance plan offers more coverage for care from providers who are in the plan's network and also offers a certain amount of coverage for providers outside that network. They're typically more flexible than HMO plans but have higher premiums.

Verify Your Benefits

What is your addiction really costing you? Getting clean is within your reach. Behavioral Health Centers (BHC) is here to help.

Your insurance may cover all or some of your rehab at a BHC facility.

The Details of BCBS Substance Abuse Coverage

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Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all insurance plans are required to cover what are known as essential health benefits. Substance abuse disorders are included in this category under the umbrella of mental health services, and BCBS coverage typically pays part of the costs for in-network drug and alcohol addiction treatment that's medically necessary.


Individual and family plans through BCBS are offered in several general categories: bronze, silver and gold. The general plan categories break down this way:


Bronze-level coverage accounts for about 60% of care costs once you've met your deductible. These plans have lower monthly premiums than other categories but higher out-of-pocket costs.


Silver-level plans will cover about 70% of the costs of care after reaching your deductible. Their monthly premiums are higher, while out-of-pocket expenses are lower.


Gold-level plans pay around 80% of care costs after your deductible is reached and feature the lowest out-of-pocket costs and the highest monthly premiums.

Florida Blue offers a wide variety of specific plans within these various categories. Each plan has a specific network of participating providers, and the plan names don't necessarily identify which of the general categories above would apply. Florida Blue also offers Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans.


Navigating the particulars of BCBS coverage in Florida can be complex, but your caseworker will provide all the support you need to identify the benefits coming to you as part of your Florida Blue plan. 

BCBS Coverage for Mental Health Treatment

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, created to expand mental health coverage across America, requires providers to offer equal coverage for mental health services and general medical coverage. Most BCBS plans include mental health treatment coverage, with the specifics varying by plan, as we've seen above.

Substance abuse disorders are classed as a type of mental health condition, but there are other possible mental health disorders that can co-occur with and even drive substance abuse. Behavioral Health Centers recognizes the multifaceted nature of addiction treatment and supports your mental health with group therapy, behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).


Our mental health treatment services can help patients coping with a variety of disorders, including:


• Anxiety

• Bipolar disorder

• Attention deficit disorder (ADD)

• Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

• Eating disorders

• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


BCBS rehab coverage should also cover part of the costs of mental health treatment. Your caseworker at Behavioral Health Centers will be happy to help you work out precisely what your insurance covers.

Group therapy for drug and alcohol addiction

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The addiction professionals at Behavioral Health Centers are always ready to help you navigate your Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) coverage for medical detox, inpatient and outpatient rehab, and treatment of mental health conditions. We also offer third-party financing to help offset out-of-pocket costs.

You should never let worries about costs and insurance coverage stop you from beginning your journey to recovery. Contact Behavioral Health Centers today and learn about how we can help you find freedom from drug and alcohol abuse.

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