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Neuro Behavioral Therapy Center in Florida

What is Neuro Behavioral Therapy?

There are now several different neurological rehabilitation treatment approaches that can be used to address a variety of patient specific conditions. Behavioral Health Centers is one of the few facilities in this country utilizing this revolutionary technology. “NBT” or Neuro Behavioral Therapy helps our team of trained professionals to identify areas of impulsivity, craving, and/or anxiety within your brain.


We are then able to create a customized treatment protocol to help calm down these “excited” areas. NBT has been found to be exceptionally useful in the rehabilitation of patients that have previously been diagnosed as a “chronic relapser”. We have identified that patients that complete at least one month of Neuro Behavioral Therapy have less cravings, complete treatment more often, and stay sober for a longer period of time. Additionally, patients have found that Neuro Behavioral Therapy helps to reduce post-acute withdrawal symptoms along with reduction in the amount of obsessive thoughts and anxiety experienced during this difficult time as well.


We are at the forefront of using these methods in a clinical setting, helping to provide unmatched results for our patients. The field of neuroscience is rapidly evolving – providing remarkable insights into how the mind functions, especially when it comes to the areas of mental health and addiction. As technology improves and behavioral research gains deeper insights into human brain function, we are able to use these powerful new insights in neuro-rehabilitation. We offer a science-based approach to identifying and treating addictive behaviors as well as some co-occurring mental health issues.

With Neuro Behavioral Therapy (NBT) our team of Neuro Scientists & Psychologists will restore the regulation of neuronal pathways in your brain by identifying abnormalities created from your substance misuse/abuse and they will then create a precise medical treatment protocol that is tailored to reset your individual brain dysregulation by using:

• Comprehensive Neuropsychological Testing

• Heart Rate Variability

• Bio Sound Monitoring

• Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG)

• Computerized Cognitive Brain Training

• Photo Bio Modulation

• Transfer Of Training Employing 3rd Wave CBT

• Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation

• Transcranial Alternation Current Stimulation

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