Getting through a mental health crisis can be tough, and not having help can make it impossible. No one is immune to mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, which is why mental health coverage is an important part of any health insurance plan. At Behavioral Health Centers, we accept several insurance plans, including TRICARE for mental health treatment.

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TRICARE insurance plans offer coverage for inpatient and outpatient mental health care services for military service members and families. It also offers drug rehab for veterans or retirees. Healthcare plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act include coverage for mental health services.

The TRICARE website encourages individuals experiencing a mental health crisis to get help immediately. TRICARE doesn’t require prior authorization when a person needs emergency mental health care.

military personnel receiving necessary mental health care and tricare covers therapy

Prior Authorization for Non-Emergency Care

Whether a member requires prior authorization for nonemergency care depends on the plan and where they seek services. Those requiring outpatient mental health don’t need a referral or prior approval unless they participate in psychoanalysis. Those needing psychoanalysis or institutional care from a provider outside of a military hospital must request prior authorization.

Using TRICARE to Cover Services Based on the Plan

Active-duty service members experience various mental health issues, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Those who sacrifice all for the good of others should get mental health treatment without long wait times or worrying about whether their insurance will cover it.

Referrals and prior authorizations ensure TRICARE health insurance members know what their plans pay for before admission to a mental health program. If a member plans to seek services outside a military treatment facility in a nonemergency situation, they should confirm whether they need a referral and prior authorization.


TRICARE Prime covers active-duty service members. Those who seek mental health services within the TRICARE network, including Behavioral Health Centers, need a referral and prior authorization when the situation is not a mental health emergency.

TRICARE for Life Medicare Plan

The TRICARE for Life plan, which is a Medicare plan, requires referrals and preauthorization through TRICARE. The program pays for services covered by TRICARE and Medicare, and the member is responsible for out-of-pocket costs not covered by Medicare or TRICARE.

Other TRICARE Plans

For other TRICARE health plans, members must obtain a referral and prior authorization for psychoanalysis and outpatient therapy.

TRICARE coverage with medicare plans

TRICARE Coverage for Inpatient and Outpatient Services

TRICARE covers numerous mental health services for members. Inpatient hospital services include emergencies that require immediate admission. Additionally, TRICARE covers withdrawal symptom management, stabilization and treatment of complications when an individual experiences a crisis due to mental health issues.

Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment for treatment planning will help individuals seeking mental health treatment get the interventions they need to address their concerns or be successful in recovery. TRICARE will cover psychological testing to facilitate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Counseling, Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Individuals needing mental health therapy, counseling or psychotherapy can get those services under TRICARE. Individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy can benefit people who require mental health therapy. TRICARE will cover psychoanalysis if the provider holds the proper credentials and the member gets preauthorization for treatment.

military service member speaking to tricare authorized provider in therapy sessions that tricare covers

Telehealth Services

Does TRICARE cover online therapy? That’s a question many members may have, especially when it’s challenging to visit a licensed therapist face-to-face. Under TRICARE’s telemedicine benefit, active-duty service members and retirees can access telemental health services. Active-duty service members will need a referral, but TRICARE Prime active-duty family members and retirees can set up an appointment with a distant provider without a referral or authorization.

We Help TRICARE Plan Members Verify Coverage

Behavioral Health Centers accepts TRICARE health insurance and can help you or a loved one verify what your plan covers. We will inform you up front whether you may have out-of-pocket costs and tell you about financial arrangements to help you cover them if needed. Don’t wait to get help. Give us a call today at 772-774-3872.

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