If you or someone you love is one of the millions of Americans affected by substance abuse, you might be wondering should I travel for rehab? If your health insurance coverage will pay for rehab in Florida or you can afford to travel for treatment, consider taking a trip to beautiful South Florida.

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Should I Travel to a Florida Drug Rehab?

One of the first things to consider when traveling for rehab is whether you’ll like the place you’re planning to visit. South Florida is home to world-famous unparalleled natural beauty and has a bevy of fun natural attractions to spend your free time in, getting away from the stress of life.

What Can I Expect in a Florida Rehab?

A full-body drug treatment program combining substance abuse treatment and holistic therapies that are focused on the mind, body and spirit can be extremely beneficial to your recovery process. It might be easier to facilitate in an upscale setting where the worries of your normal life don’t interfere with your recovery. Our intake coordinators at Behavioral Health Centers of Florida (BHC) create individualized treatment plans that are designed to help you stay comfortable and actively involved while you seek drug treatment.

Your individualized treatment plan will feature individual and group therapy with evidence-based treatments like CBT and EMDR and can help you coordinate your rehab efforts in a way that aligns with your life back at home after receiving treatment, as well as provide you with a cohesive aftercare plan. Our residential patients also receive 24-hour medical supervision, roomy suites and a bevy of luxury amenities, including massage and chiropractic treatments and a wide variety of comfy therapy spaces.

Traveling for Rehab Means Fewer Distractions From Friends and Family Members

Going to rehab near home means continuing the stress of everyday life and the possibility that you’ll face professional consequences while attending addiction treatment. Traveling for rehab brings the added benefit of being able to focus on recovery without hindrance from your social and professional network. By coming down to Behavioral Health Centers in Florida for your addiction treatment, you can return home after graduating with a fresh start in your life, free of addiction.

Choosing Where to Go to Rehab

When you need help fighting substance use disorders, you have the option of seeking either a local rehab or traveling for rehab to a more suitable location. There are several factors that will have an impact on your chance of reaching your long-term sobriety goals.

How Important Is Location When Treating Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

The place you decide to receive rehab in can be extremely important in determining your chances at success. If the drug rehab you choose is in a city where you’re going to be constantly tempted by old toxic relationships with friends or family, for example, you might be more likely to fail.

The natural surroundings of a rehabilitation center can have a huge effect on preventing relapse, as connecting with the natural world tends to facilitate healing. Your personal lifestyle will also determine the best place for you to engage in therapy. Some treatment centers offer programming for a specific demographic, such as substance abuse program for veterans and first responders recovery programs available at Behavioral Health Centers. A treatment facility might also provide recreational activities that appeal to you, such as an outdoors or sports program.

Whatever setting you choose, a quality rehab will provide all the amenities and activities you enjoy as well as the evidence-based therapies you need from a drug rehab center. At BHC, we personalize your treatment plan to include the aspects that will keep you interested, motivating you to take an active role in your rehab. If you choose traveling for rehab, the local drug rehab’s administration will be able to point you in the right direction concerning any aspects of your personal lifestyle that will be affected outside of the program.

It’s Easier to Stay in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab When You’re Far From Home

One major reason to leave your hometown to get rehab is the difficulty you might have if you attempted to leave. In unfamiliar cities, you might be more encouraged to stay close to the familiar setting you’ve found in inpatient rehab. During withdrawal, relapse prevention is key, and reducing your access to the substance you’re addicted to might increase your chances of success. Increase the distance between you and your temptations to make your recovery easier.

Motivational enhancement therapy (MET), or motivational interviewing, can also help increase your desire to participate in addiction treatment. The addiction treatment program at Behavioral Health Centers includes this therapy, designed to help motivate you to actively engage in your alcohol or drug addiction treatment. Giving yourself a better chance of successfully beating your substance use disorder is a great reason to travel for rehab.

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Benefits of Inpatient vs. Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Depending on your preference, you can travel to live in a residential rehab facility, or you can choose to participate in outpatient rehab programs while staying in a nearby apartment or hotel. If you want to focus entirely on your recovery program, the living environment at a residential drug and alcohol rehab center would be your best option, as it ensures your daily needs are handled while you engage in therapy.

Traveling for Rehab in an Outpatient Setting

If you need to continue to work while seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment, it might be best to stay in the community you live in. An outpatient addiction treatment program requires several hours of participation per day, either every day or several times a day, depending on if you need a more intensive partial hospitalization program (PHP) or standard outpatient treatment.

Therapy for Severe Drug Addiction with Detox Programs

If you’re in need of a medical provider to supervise your detox from a severe addiction to alcohol, opiates or other substances, you can find a Florida drug and mental health rehab that offers either an inpatient detox or a community-based medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program. Whatever your specific needs are, a Behavioral Health Centers certified addiction professional can offer you professional treatment advice to help you determine which program would help you best.

Whether you live in South Florida and want to stay local for rehab or live elsewhere and are interested in an out-of-state facility, give Behavioral Health Centers of Florida a call at 772-774-3872. We have friendly and compassionate addiction treatment specialists who can answer all your questions about should I travel for rehab, as well as verify your insurance benefits.

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