For those who need help with addiction but can’t remove themselves from daily life, a partial hospitalization program could be the best treatment process. Here’s what you need to know about PHP in West Palm Beach.

How a PHP Treatment Program Works

A partial hospitalization program is a blend of residential and outpatient treatment programs. Upon enrolling, you’ll spend several hours receiving care at the treatment facility a few times per week. After each session, you’re free to return home to your family. That way, you can resume life as usual.

Who Benefits From PHP Rehab?

Partial hospitalization programs can be used to treat a variety of conditions. From mental health disorders to substance abuse, PHPs are effective ways to develop healthy coping methods. For those who need help with their condition but don’t pose a direct threat to themselves or others, a partial hospitalization program may be the best form of treatment. Those with a strong home support system may also benefit from the PHP model.

Why Our PHP Program in West Palm Beach Is Right for You or Your Loved One

Partial hospitalization treatment at Behavioral Health Centers is a robust program designed to support patients through life’s ups and downs. Patients with busy lives enjoy its flexibility, while all members benefit from our judgment-free staff. Our treatment programs also feature lower costs so everyone can get the treatment they need, whether they have insurance or not.

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Addiction Treatment and Rehab in West Palm Beach, FL

Beyond partial hospitalization programs, there are numerous addiction treatment options available in West Palm Beach. The best treatment program for you depends on several factors, including:

  • Substance type
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Level of severity

Below are some treatment methods that may help you or a loved one overcome a substance abuse disorder for good.

Detox Center for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

While withdrawal symptoms differ for everyone, a medical detox can provide the resources needed to make the process as comfortable as possible. Detoxification purges harmful substances from the body to ease the pain of a sudden lack of intake. As an inpatient treatment program, detoxification occurs among a team of professionals, making it one of the safest places to recover.

Veteran Programs for Addiction

If you’re a veteran struggling with addiction or PTSD, you deserve the best possible care. Behavioral Health Centers proudly offers our top-rated Veteran Rehab Program in West Palm Beach, FL.

Our alcohol and drug rehab programs are specifically designed for veterans, offering personalized care to help overcome addiction and/or PTSD. With our Veteran Rehab Program, you can expect to feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

Addiction Treatment and Rehab in west palm beach, fl
Mental Health & Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Center in west palm beach, FL

Group Therapy as Part of Substance Abuse Treatment

Group therapy meetings are an essential part of any treatment plan. During each session, patients build connections and work together to eliminate the stigma surrounding substance use disorders. They’ll also learn valuable coping skills to use throughout recovery.

Individual Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Individual therapy promotes long-term sobriety by attacking addiction at the source. Private sessions give patients a chance to reflect on themselves and develop emotional regulation. For those with co-occurring mental health issues, therapy can aid recovery.

Addiction Relapse Prevention & Aftercare

After completing a partial hospitalization program or other intensive treatment, patients often need extra support as they return to daily routines. Aftercare programs offer a built-in support system, stress management tips, and confidence-boosting techniques. These programs can help prevent relapse, which is expected just after finishing treatment.

Mental Health & Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Center in West Palm Beach, FL

Regarding co-occurring disorders, Behavioral Health treatment is Florida’s top choice. From counseling to medication, our team matches patients with the treatment they need to get the peace of mind they deserve.

Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Whether you’re looking for a partial hospitalization program or inpatient treatment, the cost is often the first barrier to recovery. But those with insurance may be in luck. Fill out an insurance verification form, and our specialists will determine if your treatment is covered.

The Behavioral Health Difference for Addiction & Mental Health Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

Those seeking treatment in West Palm Beach will find no better place than Behavioral Health Centers. With a professional team and a host of available resources, our patients develop the skills they need to make long-term recovery possible.

It’s never too late to overcome addiction for good. Call 772-774-3872 today to take the first step.

Start by Verifying Benefits

Health insurance can be confusing, but there’s no need to worry about getting your benefits verified. We’ll do all the research for you and help you determine how much of your treatment costs an insurer is likely to cover. Simply fill out the confidential information form on our website and one of our staff members will contact your insurance company to verify coverage. Then we’ll contact you to discuss your treatment options.

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