Located close to Savannah in Port Lucie, Florida, Behavioral Health Centers provides mental health services for patients with addictions and co-occurring disorders.

No one needs to face mental illness or substance addiction recovery alone. If you or a loved one in the Savannah, GA, area are struggling, Behavioral Health Centers can help. Our center provides inpatient treatment for alcohol addiction, substance abuse issues and mental health issues, including eating disorders, anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder.

Utilizing a variety of treatment methods, including group therapy, one-on-one trauma therapy, family therapy and ongoing recovery support, our team is committed to helping you or your loved one get your life on track and reap the benefits of long-term recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Illness Support

At Behavioral Health Centers, we specialize in substance abuse treatment and co-occurring mental health disorders. If you or a loved one has received a dual diagnosis, our rehab centers near Savannah in Florida can provide you with the support you need.

Group Therapy

Work through mental health issues and drug or alcohol addiction with peers who are experiencing the same struggles through our group therapy sessions.

Individual Counseling

Uncover the root of your drug and alcohol addiction or mental health concerns through individual counseling sessions. Learn new, healthier ways to cope with problems through cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy.

Family Therapy

Invite loved ones to participate in your therapy to provide you with ongoing support to improve your chances of long-term recovery.

Medically Supervised Care

From detox and case management to ongoing support groups and recovery, medically safe and supervised care is at the root of everything we do. When necessary and safe, we can provide prescription drugs to ease symptoms and discomfort associated with detox to ensure a healthy transition into recovery.

Our medical team continues to follow our residential treatment patients throughout their stay, ensuring a safe recovery process.

Treatment for Serious Mental Illness

Treatment for Serious Mental Illness

If you or a loved one is suffering from mental health problems, our residential mental health treatment center can help provide counseling and support designed to get each resident through the challenges they’re facing.

Behavioral Health Centers can treat a variety of mental health conditions and psychiatric disorders.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Using a combination of dialectical behavior therapy, individual counseling and group therapy, individuals living with BPD can learn the skills and coping mechanisms necessary to manage their disorder successfully.

Eating Disorders

Cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy and group therapy can help those living with binge eating disorder, anorexia or bulimia overcome their unhealthy relationship with food.

Depression and Anxiety

Treatment for depression and anxiety includes varied approaches to help adults and young adults overcome common challenges faced by those with these disorders. That might include individual and group therapy, family counseling and medication.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury can cause a variety of mental health symptoms. Residential treatment can help those suffering with these issues overcome symptoms and return to the life they had before their injury.


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If you have coverage of any kind from a major insurance provider, your treatment is likely covered. We promise to keep your information confidential.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Our coastal behavioral health center provides patients with the tools they need to successfully recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Through behavioral health services provided by our qualified treatment team and medical supervision, you or your loved one will work through various therapy techniques designed to uncover the driving factors behind substance abuse and teach new ways to cope with triggers.

Our drug and alcohol rehab center allows those with drug addiction and alcohol addiction to start the healing process in a serene substance abuse treatment setting that’s conducive to a successful recovery. Upon completion of an alcohol and drug rehab program, patients will be referred to drug or alcohol addiction support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous to ensure they have continued access to tools for success. We work with organizations near Savannah, GA, to make these recommendations to ensure you have access to the right follow-up care.

Admissions and Housing Services

Our admissions team is happy to help you determine the right treatment options for yourself or your loved one. We can go over your private health insurance plan to determine if you’re eligible for coverage before admission. If not, we’ll help you explore other payment options to ensure you have access to the treatment you need.

Upon successful completion of our treatment programs, patients work with our housing services team to find safe transitional housing to ensure they’re able to return to a normal life without substance use temptations or common triggers that cause mental health symptoms to return.

What to Expect at Our Treatment Center

What to Expect at Our Treatment Center

When you check into Behavioral Health Centers, you’ll be assigned a case manager who’ll provide you with a full assessment of your condition. Whether you’re in need of mental health services to help you cope with a psychiatric condition, addiction services to overcome chemical dependency or treatment for a dual diagnosis, your case manager will build a treatment plan that sets you up for success.

You’ll be provided comfortable, safe accommodations and a daily schedule that includes therapy, activities and other treatments that are conducive to your recovery.

Find Help Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction or mental health problems, trust Behavioral Health Centers to provide effective inpatient treatment that supports long-term recovery.

Contact our helpful admissions team today at 772-774-3872 to explore your options, and take the first step in your recovery journey today.