Treating addiction often means leaving the environment that contributed to the stress. However, some people don’t need a permanent stay. Instead, they need help from mental health treatment centers as they return to work, school and family life.

How Our PHP Treatment Program Works

Like a residential treatment program, a partial hospitalization program, often referred to as PHP rehab, treats substance abuse disorder clients. However, a PHP meets individual needs with more flexibility. Instead of moving into the rehab community, clients visit for several hours of therapy each day, then return home at night.

PHP rehab promotes a balanced life where residents recover in a safe environment while taking care of home responsibilities. They have access to support groups, addiction therapy, medication and a serene environment during their program.

Clients customize their treatment programs as they advance through the recovery process. Initially, they might need hours of counseling five days a week. Later, they could spend a few hours at the alcohol rehab center each week before transitioning to aftercare.

Who Would Benefit the Most From PHP Rehab?

Individuals with mental health and substance abuse disorders who require intensive treatment but don’t need 24-hour supervision would benefit the most from partial hospitalization program rehab. PHP rehab provides structured treatment, therapy and support to help individuals manage their conditions, develop coping skills and transition back to their daily lives.

Is Our PHP Program in Fort Pierce Right for You or Your Loved One?

PHP alcohol rehab is best for people who’ve completed detoxification and managed their withdrawal symptoms. These programs don’t replace residential stays. Instead, they treat people who may have completed a residency and don’t need 24-hour support.

Other patients return after they graduate because they suspect a possible relapse. Some turn to outpatient treatment as the next stage in recovery. Intensive outpatient programs provide a safe space for clients to process their feelings.

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Addiction Rehab Services in Fort Pierce, FL

When someone realizes they have an addiction, rehab services provide evidence-based therapy and a safe, quiet place to recover. Programs typically last several weeks and include different types of counseling. Staff members help residents create aftercare plans before they leave the treatment center.

Detox for Drug Addiction

Recovery starts with a medically supervised detox. Doctors perform a medical screening and blood test, then prepare residents for the early stages of withdrawals. They may prescribe medication to relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Addiction Rehab Services in Fort Pierce, Florida

Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction

Intensive outpatient treatments require a few hours of therapy up to 5 days a week. People can visit the recovery center between work shifts or after they drop their kids off at school. These clients need assistance but don’t require full-time counseling.

Group Therapy as Part of Substance Abuse Treatment

Group therapy at the treatment facility shows Fort Pierce residents they’re not alone. They can learn from each other, collaborate on activities and discuss their addictions. Many clients stay in touch with group members after they graduate.

Relatives can join the client for family therapy, which helps resolve tensions and teaches family members how to support their loved ones.

Drug and Alcohol Individual Therapy

Therapists work individually with each client to target their specific issues. Effective counseling helps them face their fears, regain self-esteem, and abandon toxic people and situations for their own well-being.

Relapse Prevention and Aftercare

Leaving treatment centers means suddenly returning to the “real world.” Alcohol rehab centers in Fort Pierce, FL, provide aftercare services so clients maintain structure after graduation.

Mental Health and Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Center in Fort Pierce, FL

Mental health disorders have strong ties to addiction. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders and other conditions interfere with daily life. When other treatment options fail, drug abuse and alcohol abuse often become coping mechanisms.

PHP rehab in Port St. Lucie treats co-occurring disorders alongside substance abuse, reducing the risk of a relapse. Residents learn how to manage symptoms for the long term without turning back to their drug, alcohol or opioid addiction.

Doctors may prescribe medication clients can use responsibly. Medical treatment improves brain function, making it easier to return home again.

Mental Health Disorder Treatment Center in Fort Pierce, Florida

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Mental Health Conditions and Drug Abuse

Cognitive behavioral therapy challenges the individual’s thoughts and coping mechanisms. The client who participates in CBT learns to view situations objectively without emotional attachments. When they understand their behavior, they can adjust their thought process.

Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Health insurance covers some drug rehab services, but every plan is different. The recovery center verifies the client’s coverage before they start. If the client doesn’t have full coverage, they could switch to another plan or look for alternative payment methods.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction and Mental Health Treatment in Fort Pierce, FL, Today

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