If you need any more proof that the national opioid epidemic has gotten completely out of control, look no further than Camden, NJ. On what local drug dealers termed, “free giveaway day,” drug dealers offered free drugs to patrons in the area in an effort to get them hooked. The tactic had horrifying success, resulting in numerous opioid overdoses in early August, including 16 in one hour. Thankfully, because of the speed and effectiveness of the local paramedics, there were no casualties.

According to information from NBC10 Philadelphia, emergency personnel in Camden typically respond to nine drug overdoses per day. During the free drug giveaway day, this number skyrocketed, with many overdose victims having to be revived at the same time.

“We would get dispatched to a location and find two patients overdosed,” said Cooper EMS Chief Steve Hale in an interview with NBC10.

Camden, is a regular near the top of the list of NJ towns with the most drug overdose cases. However, the problem has spread throughout many areas of the state and the nation, including urban, rural and suburban areas.