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Our state of the art, comprehensive treatment center is dedicated to treating adult patients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, as well as co-occuring mental health issues.

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Admission to Completion – What Does it Look Like at BHC?

Here at Behavioral Health Centers we realize that recovery is a progressive process. That is why we provide (5) individualized phases of care throughout your treatment program. The purpose of these various phases is to allow you to focus on the more prominent and acute symptoms you are experiencing at the moment while providing you the most effective treatment protocols for where you are currently in the recovery process.

The first step is the admissions and assessment process. This takes approximately 1-2 hours. Once you admit to BHC you begin your journey in Phase 1 which is medical detox and/or stabilization. This phase can last anywhere from 1-10 days depending on severity of symptoms. There are occasional cases that may require additional time in detox but these extended detoxes are rare. The purpose of this phase is to allow your body and mind a chance to remove the substances in an effort to make you physically and mentally more comfortable for the therapy you are about to undertake in the later phases. During detox/stabilization, therapy is offered but not required as each individual needs to move at their own pace.

Phase 2 Residential treatment is where you begin therapy approximately 14 hours per week while starting to engage in recreational and health based activities. This allows your body and mind to further transition while still receiving acute medical care.

Phase 3 Partial Hospitalization or PHP is where you begin to engage in more intense therapy for an average of 25 hours per week. This is when you are feeling better physically and emotionally. At this point, the real work on your recovery begins.

After completion of PHP, you will transition into Intensive Outpatient or IOP (Phase 4). At this point you are still getting regular one on one therapy but are doing less groups and focusing more on life skills and all around mind / body health. It is this phase that prepares you for transition back into the real world.

After completion of IOP, you will begin your aftercare plan and discharge from our daily care and move into independent living (Phase 5). This is when you need to stay connected as the real world will challenge you to use the skills you learned in treatment every day. We are always here to provide you the necessary support in your long term journey of recovery. This length of care will last from anywhere 30 days and may last for several years, if necessary.

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