If you’re seeking support for a mental illness, you may be concerned about the price and whether your health insurance like Empire will help pay for the services you need. You may be asking then does Empire cover mental health treatment? The answer is Yes! The Affordable Care Act requires most insurance companies, including Empire, to cover mental health care.

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Behavioral Health Centers’ services can provide a diagnosis and treatment, and we can help you research your insurance coverage. As you consider the type of treatment you’ll need, it may help to know that an inpatient or outpatient mental health program may include cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise and nutrition classes, 24-hour access to medical care, medication management, and group, individual and family therapy. 

Behavioral Health Centers accepts Empire BlueCross BlueShield. Insurance assistance could potentially take thousands of dollars off your out-of-pocket cost or cover your entire program. We’ll help you review your Empire plan benefits to see what’s covered.

Does Empire Cover Behavioral Health Treatment?

Because the ACA requires insurance companies to cover some mental health services, your Empire plan may cover therapy for the following:

Insurance typically covers traditional therapy, but you might have to pay for alternative services, such as yoga, meditation and nutrition classes.

Empire Insurance Cover Mental Health

What Does Your Empire Plan Cover?

Before you start, talk to us to determine whether your Empire plan covers inpatient therapy. Our inpatient program provides full-time behavioral health treatment while you stay in our community. Some plans may cover only outpatient therapy, which offers day classes while you continue living in your own residence.

Your Empire plan may cover the initial detox. When you check into our facility, you’ll detox until substances leave your system. Our 24-hour medical care includes emergency assistance and access to treatments that relieve withdrawal symptoms.

We’ll verify if Empire covers your treatment, including prescriptions and medical care. You can’t predict what you’ll need, so we’ll consider the entire program and ask about individual therapies. A plan might include talk therapy but not eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy or neurobehavioral therapy.

Finally, we’ll see if your plan covers aftercare programs that provide support after you leave the clinic. Aftercare programs are essential because you’ll need follow-ups and support groups to reduce the risk of a relapse.

What If Your Empire Plan Benefits Aren’t Enough?

Behavioral Health Centers is committed to assisting you in your recovery journey, so an appointed caseworker will help you understand the complexities of insurance coverage and your treatment plan.

Most insurance providers offer tiers with different coverage levels. If you don’t have enough coverage, we can help you consider upgrading to a different plan. A new plan might have higher premiums, but it could save money in the long run by covering more services. Other plans may have lower deductibles, reducing the amount you pay up front.

If your insurance isn’t tied to employment, private insurance offers dozens of options. Call us to ensure we’re in your plan’s network before you sign up for coverage. Out-of-network therapists usually cost more.

We can help you think about open enrollment windows for changing tiers or health insurance providers, which companies offer temporary coverage and which allow you to sign up early under qualifying circumstances.

Our dedicated professionals have experience handling these issues and will help you explore alternatives as needed.

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